The Doors ~ Doug Boduch Page Four

People are Strange. Doug nails both the acoustic at the nut guitar parts and the electric solo up the fret board and has really good rhythm. You can feel the sub division of the bars 4 beats. The on screen tab being underneath with him playing rhythm on top is good reading practice giving you a feel for the songs pacing. Pacing in general. If you aren't playing 4 to the bar what are you playing? Are you counting? You best be tapping your foot too! Develop a pulse through 4 to the Bar timed and diligent metronome strum exercise activity.

Anyway Doug seems to be slipping in valuable guitar lesson dogmatics to enhance the lesson due to most students guaranteed lack of knowledge. I like that. I like this song and want to learn it. Plus with no tremelo arm on the SG at the very end of the song he does a very cool thing with bending all the strings above the nut. Robbie plays slide too and the Gibson SG is renown for being slide friendly. Just ask Butch Trucks! Can that guy play or what?

L.A. Woman is a fantastic song but the guitar is only part of it. They have added a bass player in the studio recording. Dutifully Doug teaches us the whole darn guitar part in all its functions and its full of recognizable and great licks well worth studying as a great concise use of melody. 'A' Mixolydian is the scale used and charted for us on screen. Pentatonics and the A Blues scale pop up and an F# adds to the flavor. If you have ever wanted to play this song and who hasn't, here it is. Its rhythm consists of two bar chords. So that's the trick: simple chords but use a mode.

Roadhouse Blues is our last contestant and Doug tells us that the Lovin' Spoonfuls' John Sebastian played Harp and Lonnie Mack guitar on the studio Version. Another great song which re-cemented the Doors pedestal as a great Rock Band. Key of E using Em pentatonic on screen chart. A great song I was playing wrong. You, however, cant go wrong studying this. If you are alone, at some point, you'll wish you had a keyboard player and drummer. Break on through!

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