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The late Danny Gatton widely acclaimed as one of the best guitar players ever! I have his rock-a-billy work with Robert Gordon and he is incredible I must say. He can play about any style there is too.

His admirers read like a whose who of guitar players and this is his second presentation for Hot Licks. Made in 1994.

I wanted to love this guitar instructional and walk away with some unique moves and insights! I really did. I don't have Danny's first instructional effort and I don't plan on buying it for the same reason I am annoyed at this particular one.

Just because someone is a great guitar player whose father was even a rhythm guitar player doesn't mean he can teach or is given the opportunity to teach. On the plus side: there is a pamphlet. Its got tab. Its even got chord charts G13, C#13, C 13, C#dim, E7#9 A9, D7#9, Am11, Ab7, G6/9.

Gripe number one: the customized Fender Telecaster guitar Danny is playing has mother of pearl inlay on the fret board, maybe its another substance but whatever it is - it causes glare. Lots of it! I can't see what he is doing as well as I would like.  Its in your face all the freaking time. Sunglasses so dark they wont even know your name don't help.

Gripe number two: In the jam section(s) (see menu below) Danny is performing not really teaching. He does make an effort to teach here and there however and to the lessons credit they have thoughtfully provided a slow motion section for each of the stylistic guitar examples. So that's a saving grace.

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