Brian Setzer Rockabilly Guitar Techniques
- Steve Trovato Page One

Just when I was already excited about a couple of other Rockabilly guitar lessons here comes another good new learn rockabilly guitar presentation.

Steve Trovato's! Just imagine how much better it could have been if only there was a pamphlet.

Steve tells us this guitar lesson is divided into 5 sections the first 3 of which are basic rockabilly rules we need to reach a mutual understanding with. 

The last two sections will be two complete solos in the style of Brian Setzer and/or Carl Perkins and that he will play it and then explain it to us.  Scotty Moore is another famous guitar heroic champion mentioned. Think Elvis hits!

Steve is a master of guitar abilities and these licks worthy once you sort out your guitar slap back echo or digital delay - so if you want that rockabilly sound it would be nice to have the means to achieve it at your feet.

Steve plays a G & L Telecaster ASAT type guitar with a single Florentine F hole. This isn't a traditional Rockabilly 6 string instrument like a Gretch 6120 but with its wet signal I can't tell the difference really from other guitars.

It looks like its got P-90 pickups on it. I have a G & L S-500 and they make great guitars! Steve also has a great bass player and drummer behind him helping set the mood. He opens by talking about the tight sound of one delay 135 -140 Millie seconds, one repeat, feed back zero, the level of delay is as loud as original sound, he also talks palm muting secrets and pedal tones too.

Trovato teaches Setzer Page One | Page Two | Page Three | Page Four

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