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Guitar Rhythm Styles and techniquesI appreciate this particular rhythm guitar lesson quite a bit and have practiced along with it more than any other.

As seen from Richard Smiths studio musicians perspective of the skills you need to develop this is great. R & B & Soul bands come to mind such as Tower of Power and James Brown.

Is it Funk or is it rhythm and Blues? You decide! Comping with scratch chords - with our many balls in the air never felt so good!

Stacking riffs, accenting beats its great and you just play along because the lesson flows organically as many times as you need it to.

I have watched it 40 times?50? Its a great guitar lesson! You warm up and improve.

Again you aren't going to learn how to play AC/DC or The Ramones from this guitar lesson.

But you will learn some groovy scratch rhythm chords that you can string together using odd and even accents while in 4/4 time that will make you sound like a bad mother in daft punk partying to get lucky at least that's my goal!

I couldn't believe it at first but if you stick with it you'll blossom and your time will gain authority!

To achieve that Richard teaches you to count time and to strum while giving emphasis to the up and down strokes/strums and at the same time counting out loud and trying to tap your foot which will definitely help you play rock or any rhythm style chords you later choose. That's why this a must have Guitar Lesson.

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