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This is it! The C-A-G-E-D system naturally extended to include scale and lead forms for the electric 6 string guitar. Learn the chords and their corresponding patterns and thus play the guitar. Its mostly pattern recognition. The practical way to learn to play 6 string electric guitar that works. Sure you learn note names too but the emphasis is not on traditional guitar education or music theory at least at first.

Bill is a revolutionary and calls the major scale not the Ionian mode or even the major scale he calls it the 7 note scale so that when you get to the lovable pentatonic scale or 5 note scale you aren't intimidated. Bill thinks outside the box in many more ways than just that too. These insights will save you lots of time.

Mr. Edwards is serious as a heart attack in wanting us to understand what's going on with the the tuning of the guitar affecting how we can take advantage of it on the neck! He offers us practical hands-on patterns to play rather than just theory. Purists fear not! There is plenty of well thought out modern guitar theory there too if you want it. But first the CAGED patterns.

I have got to admire the fact its jam packed extensive and its only the serious student who is going to get to the very tail end of it in Book III. Everything is full of visual guitar practice material and will give you plenty to commit to memory while you learn the neck. The 1st book is an absolute must have if you want to get a good overview of the neck/fret board and lots more - see the menu below.

If you are here to learn and ready to study and work you cant loose. I am serious plus you will save yourself time. This Book and lesson set has it all and more and I haven't had time to absorb it all yet. There is such a lack of nonsense here that its somehow out of context with of much of the hype in the pop music scene. I want to see Wiley shake her thing at me or Lady Tragi wiggle her tush in a new way with a different absurd outfit costing so much you could feed a village in the upper peninsula with it. This guitar mastery is hard work boys and girls. And there will be times where you will feel the weight of it and wish even jokingly for such tantalizing will-o'-the-wisps or not! Where-ever your muse may lead you. You are getting what you pay for here!

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