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front cover Pick Power is 1 hour, 35 minutes in length. This guitar lesson is designed for acoustic guitar students that want to improve or develop initial rhythm.

If an electric guitar is your main axe then you may want to think twice as there are other more specific electric oriented choices.

Paul Mehling is a gypsy jazz style guitar player in his role as our congenial guitar teacher.

The Producers say "Whether, like Paul Mehling you are into Gypsy Jazz or you pay bluegrass, rock or swing this lesson will give you the tools  you need to make your rhythm strong and you lead picking fast and accurate."

The 6 string guitar techniques learned here will of course theoretically work in all styles of acoustic guitar.

Paul tells us what it is he hopes to impart to us: some graduated exercise sequences and mental attitude adjustment to improve our speed, power and control. We will learn to become more expressive, gain authority and achieve improved dynamic control using the guitar.

If we let him Paul will teach us to play much louder on demand. All we have to do is put in the time and follow his simple steps to become super charged pickers.

We will retrain our hands and heads with at least a half hour practice a day but preferably 15 - 25 minutes 3 times a day for quickest results. (6:12)

We tune up with Paul in standard A440 tuning. Here begins the range of motion concept of letting your hand dangle at a 45 degree angle and using its weight to strum.

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