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front cover Be advised to read my separate review of Steve Trovato's other guitar lesson on Chuck Berry which is also very good, containing must have guitar knowledge. One difference between the two is length. 60 vs 84 minutes. Another difference is this longer one has songs and the shorter is essentially one long song mostly Johnny B Goode in the style of Chuck Berry. In that hour, however, is a month of Sundays worth of lesson.

This guitar lesson also teaches us on the song Johnny B Goode but a much shorter version. Though you do get 20 minutes plus on it. See the menu for a rundown of the songs and their lesson times.

Almost all of these lesson songs, except Maybellene, are split up in to more manageable sections like Intro & chorus or Verse and Solo. So that's what the numbers you see in the menu represent.

Steve gives us a no nonsense guitar lesson with a big picture where he tells us what key the song was in and why they might have changed it, and the architecture of the song such as how many verses it has and how the song works bar by bar. He also gives us the small picture showing you what to do with your hands. A lot of the rhythm is pinky rock and even Steve gets fatigued with the all down strokes picking pattern and tells us its OK to alternate pick as long as we maintain consistency. All the songs are in standard tuning and its all flat picking.

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