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Acoustic Guitar Rhythm Riffs The late great Bob Brozman - what a tragedy - what a player and of so many acoustic styles!

Happily this is a great testament by Bob and his total 'all body' approach to Progressive Acoustic Rhythm Guitar. Andy McKee, Jon Gomm, Antoine Du four, Mike Daws are also names associated with this whole new guitar style developing around us.

Bob plays with a thumb pick and a forefinger pick so be aware.

But its more about his progressive rhythm than it is his picking style that is what is impressive here.

I think every guitar player, deep down will want to be able to do what Bob is doing here if he could. I am working on it slowly!

Percussive with his fingers on the bout of the guitar and with both feet tapping on hollow wooden shoe boxes he is doing a lot more than just picking chords and notes on the fret board.

You owe it to yourself to feel humbled like I did. I don't think this is for the young novice however but could be wrong and it may be exactly what they need. There are no chord charts however and if you don't have a pretty good rhythm ....well this daunted me!

Still as a guitar player who appreciates this new and emerging style of progressive finger style this lesson is pretty durn good. I want to say having some finger picking skills would behoove you while learning from this lesson.

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