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Even though you don't get a pamphlet with this one, the instructor Danny Gill is such a good guitar player and teacher that he brings a lot of information to the guitar lesson. However, there is no way you can remember a tenth of it without writing it down In my humble opinion. And Danny himself agrees!

Traditionally Danny says that musical harmony and theory is taught using a tool called a reference book but that he is going to try to do it differently. A keyboard is the most theory friendly instrument if you want to really be traditional.

Notice they don't say anywhere they are going to teach you guitar. They call it developing your 6 string theory.

After all Danny took lessons with Joe Satriani and it makes me wonder if he had any written material? I'll wager he did! These pro guys mostly all sight read music but you never hear them telling you that for some reason.

To cut Danny some slack I think he is constrained by the odd quirks of his producers licklibrary who refuse to issue product with a pamphlet or even a digital .PDF. Maybe they want you to go their site and get sucked into the impressively slick presentation that they wow you with and get you to buy more stuff? Of course not! That's just me being cynical.

Early on Danny exhorts us to have a piece of paper and pen handy and that we are going to have fun. Well I don't know how much fun you are going to have if all this is totally new to you and you don't have a reference book. Not much. But if you do have a reference book and combine it with this guitar lesson you can see how to put a lot of the theory in to physical usage.

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