Beginning Electric Blues Guitar - Andy Aledort

The more I examine with a critical eye the lessons in my collection, the more I learn, and the more I learn, the more I appreciate a good no nonsense, no BS presentation when I see one and I see one here!

This is perfect for someone who just got ahold of an electric guitar and practice amp.

It'll give you a real nice solid foundation and focuses on blues rhythm and then blues melodies particularly B.B. King. Albert King, T-Bone Walker, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and SRV.

Andy Aledort is a great guitar player and really knows the difference between the very similar styles of these guitar greats.

Andy also clues us into some major guitar arcana without making a big deal out of it so you have to listen up and pay attention.

You are going to be playing this lesson over and over again as he shows you basic musical concepts and how they work in the blues.

Its basically up to you and me to learn the rules in order to exploit them more efficiently.

After becoming familiar with the major and minor and pentatonic scales that Andy shows you and practicing them you will wish you had a bass player and a drummer.

A lot of classic licks and blues idiom are to be learnt from our instructor on this one I only wish I had this years ago.

The rhythm side isn't neglected either with one of the best and most helpful explanations I've ever heard. A must have if you are just starting out!

    Beginning Electric Blues Guitar - Andy Aledort
  • Ch 1: Intro, Tuning, Rhythm Chords and Progressions
  • Ch 2:12 bar blues comping
  • Ch 3: Walk up figures
  • Ch 4: 7th chords
  • Ch 5: E minor pentatonic scale
  • Ch 6: Licks
  • Ch 7: Blues scale
  • Ch 8: E major pentatonic scale
  • Ch 9: G Major pentatonic scale
  • Ch 10: Combining scales
  • Ch 11: 6 Blues guitar greats
  • Ch 12: BBKIng, Albert King T-Bone Walker, Eric Clapton, S.R.Vaughn

Role Models

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