Stevie Ray Vaughan's Greatest Hits ~ Greg Koch

 back coverIn this Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar lesson we are in slack tuning. Eb tuning, which is standard tuning but each string tuned down half a note: Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb.

Slack tuning is just one of many possible altered tunings but this exact one favored by Jimi Hendrix who was a big influence on Stevie. Sounds good too!

Robin Trower takes it a step further and tunes down a whole step.

Mick Jones from the Clash changed tunings for every group he was in. Curt Cobain used tunings a lot.

It can help with your vocal register too.

We have a superior guitar instructor Greg Koch who always gives you your money worth and some humor too.

I have 2 SRV Signature Licks guitar lessons with Greg Koch and I recommend them both. The only difference between them is the songs.

In this one, "Greatest Hits", we get 8 songs. Under each song menu is the sub menu consisting of Play All, Guitar Solo, Full Band Demo and the Lesson. This varies with each songs arrangement so you will see other sub-menu headings including Intro, verse, chorus, outro.

I bought this 4 years ago and have played along with it over time and its only now that I feel confident enough that I could actually pull off some of these moves and remember the licks and actually play the songs within a reasonable future time frame.

Its not that you need a degree from Julliard to play this stuff. Its mostly pentatonics. You can't fake it however and have to be in shape or fit enough of a player to make it swing.

Of course Stevie was a far better guitar player than some people give him credit for. He really immersed himself and knew his business assimilating Grant Green, Lonnie Mack and many more.

front cover Buy this for yourself or as a gift - any serious guitar student blues rocker wants this whether they admit it or not - but you've got to pay your dues if you want to play the blues. Your dues means years! If you haven't put in the time do not get discouraged. Just keep on practicing and have faith in yourself.

I review another SRV lesson by Jamie Humphreys which is slightly easier and is also a 2 disc set but sold together.

Both separately sold Greg Koch lessons are for players a tad more advanced in my opinion.

However Greg gives you what you pay for without trying to get you to buy other product or sign up to a site.

Jamie may not come out and say it in so many words but its always there lurking in the Licklibrary background.  You can learn SRV moves from both guitar teachers so read all my pertinent reviews and decide after your done 'due deliberating'.

    Stevie Ray Vaughan's Greatest Hits ~ Greg Koch
  • Tune to Eb tuning with Greg
  • Ch 1: Love Struck Baby
  • Ch 2: Pride and Joy
  • Ch 3: The Sky is Crying
  • Ch 4: Say What
  • Ch 5: Tightrope
  • Ch 6: Rude Mood
  • Ch 7: Honey Bee
  • Ch 8: Lenny
  • Ch 9: Closing Jam

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