The (Beach Boys/Brian Wilson) California Sound - Tony Anthony Page One

These songs really take me back and they are all top 40 Americana anthems, 3 of which are my favorites.

Even though its a beautiful song I can live without God Only Knows but the others 3 are high on my list of oldies but goodies.

Brian Wilson, Beach Boy number one wrote each and everyone of these.

 He had some help with God Only Knows. I read Brians' autobiography too. "Wouldn't it be nice". I think that Brian Wilson is a great talent and had a few good excuses for his peculiarities.

Brian wrote mostly on the piano but could play bass and guitar too and he came from a musical family.

That was a mixed blessing if you read the book you'll see his father having been abused carried on in the same tradition. Abused physically not sexually. Plus his father was tune smith himself and jealous of his own son!

Why they don't just call this a Beach Boys guitar lesson probably has legal or marketing reasons that I am not privy to. Buying this is a no brainer. You are going to buy it because you like the songs and hopefully can accompany yourself as you croon along on guitar. Or you may have other reasons whatever they are.

Surfer Page Two

Role Models

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