Beginning Rock Rhythm Guitar - Troy Stetina Page One

This is a hidden gem - its filled with good examples - its got plenty for you to practice and it does lay down a cement footer with rebar of what seems like the gamut of guitar sounds that you want to know how to make with a Marshal stack or cranked 3 watt tube amp at home.

Actually a solid state amp is good too in fact better for distortion at low volumes. A 100 euro Roland cube perhaps?

Now if you don't have an amp - well its better if you do because Troy is using his and even explains the settings to you!

You are never going to approximate his sounds "dry" or without amplification and preferably overdrive-crunch. Troy uses a Marshall stack in the lesson both clean and over driven.

Is it the 80's? No its timeless drawing from"Free" to Bachman Turner Over Drive to GnRs it a crunch fest with unscooped mids and long wavy hair. Its not punk at all and our instructor Troy does start out using 12 bar blues progressions in the examples. Quickly however you see that Troy Stetina is a technique master and how rock stems from the blues.

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