Funky Rhythm Guitar - Buzz Feiten Page One

Buzz delivers the goods and starts out as promised: funky with a James Brown/Jimmy Nolan minor 9th chord vamp.

Slack Tuning or E flat is his preferred tuning and what you will need to adjust your guitar to if you want to play along.

Buzz, a longtime guitar veteran, has a well placed tuning segment to assist us. And a .PDF pamphlet too!

The menu is one way and the pamphlet is another and there are screen titles yet another.

Ready or Not He shows you some great guitar moves and lots of styles but plays too fast and expects the pamphlet to help you sort it out and that's gonna happen since you are willing to work hard.

Fortune favors the prepared! And Master card and Visa too! No! Kidding aside, there is a lot here to learn.

A session player of 40 years experience and now with his own brand of guitars Buzz has vast experience. This lesson proceeds the launch of his Buzz Feiten guitar brand but his Telecaster looking axe at first glance only looks remarkably similar. Kenny Bevins deserves the luthier credit its says at the very end.

Buzz also invented a tuning system that allegedly does away with many of the frustrations inherent in the way most of us tune already. Perhaps that is what we are seeing on his bridge. No one tells us.

Someone on-line sez Buzz played in the Paul Butterfield blues band when he was 18 years old. That right there is enough for an impressive resume and a switchblade knife!

Buzz somewhat incorrectly assumes most of us already have a knowledge of counting time. The Notes: whole, half, quarter, eighths, sixteenths and thirty second. He briefly counts out loud but not enough to get started if you are a just greenshoot.

Strumming Rudiments exist but are hardly ever taught like it be 'the secret sauce'. He talks about rhythmic sub-division and its smallest components.  Guitar students listen up! A drum lesson or 20 is mandatory if you want to get real.

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