Guitar Scale Guru ~ Karl Aranjo

front cover This is a great introduction to C-A-G-E-D system scales and their inherent overlaying chords in a really friendly easy to See & Read, laying flat on the desk, non-confusing format.

I read the only other mention of it I could find and it said it might be confusing. One line, no explantation. WTFaq is that supposed to mean? Confusing? Pay it no mind.

In my view this book is brilliantly illuminating like your cell phone light when its dark out. Only without the malware. Its a great book. An inspired book.

Snap this up if you can find it. Its got large easy to read layout and graphics. It doesn't have every scale in the world. Thank Goodness. Its got what you need to understand. All the Keys certainly both sharp and flat, major, minor and all the rest. More on that below.

Basically this is more about putting yourself in a Key. Say the Key of E in standard tuning. Then referring to the book and seeing all these practical applications to make your life more simple! Get in your comfort zone. Say you know a couple three chords C F G. Those are the 1 4 5 chords of the C Major scale. Those are the first 3 chords you should learn. Thousands of songs have been written with these 4 chords alone  C Am F G. Try it.

You will  discover theory stuff you never realized perhaps. Instead of the guitar playing you, you can start to learn to give the guitar neck what it needs. The books got superb graphics, with key board as well as guitar neck illustrations and neat little graphic details. They went to a lot of time and trouble to make this book. And to describe this book as it truly deserves is way above my pay grade. And agent of Shield clearance.

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