150+ Acoustic Hot Licks - Arlen Roth Page One

Guitar pickers get a thick pamphlet with this one and guitar friendly cool stuff like slow motion for each of this guitar lessons' 155 licks.

You need that as he flies thru some of the licks the 1st time.

There is a ton of good guitar playing on this and in a format where you can actually benefit from it. Little snippets you can click through till you find something you are ready for.

There are menu selections where you can choose familiar sounding territory like the Key of G or E or C for example. Think about that. Build, always build upon the previous stuff you know.

The camera work is simple and to the point with out a lot of fancy, unnecessary movement. I heap praise! Thank you very much! Give the camera man an Oscar!!!!

If you are also willing to consider finger picking, as Arlen begins doing from early on, you will benefit even more. But even if you don't fingerpick you still learn a lot of guitar for your left hand.

Arlen Roth is a great guitar stylist who has a really developed 'finger style' as in banjo pickin' and traditional 6 string guitar and hybrid picking techniques.

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