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harmony and theory back cover OK there is no pamphlet or jam tracks with this series of guitar lessons but its multi-artist format makes it a nice change of pace and we have a great guitar teacher in the shape of Tom Kolb.

Everything is in standard tuning except for Smoke on the Water which is slightly sharp.

Flat pick style throughout. There is a bit of intricate slide work too on You Shook Me!

Some two handed tapping to be found on You Really Got Me as well. See menu below.

Also the camera work on this one is good! It doesn't suffer the hyper-activity issues which the 8 song series by Hal Leonard reviewed elsewhere does.

Actually this is great for a beginner. You may not be able to play it just yet but the style of the lesson is different and refreshing giving you an overview. Of Course Tom Kolb himself is a huge asset and for someone as non assuming deserves a lot more accolades. And I love his hair! He has Donald Trump hair!

Of course if you have no guitar skills what so ever you are going to be like Mary looking for her lamb. On the other hand with some basic skills under your fingers you absolutely can, if you apply yourself, build upon that and progress in your understanding and playing ability.

Its OK if you can't master every single lick and nuance here because after all we are studying some of Rocks best guitarists. I have found that coming back to the difficult parts over time is a big help and that the light at the end of the tunnel gets a little closer with each visit.

There is no question in my mind that if you are familiar with these songs and are interested in what makes them work you will come out ahead in the study of this presentation. Its safe to say, that if you are not familiar with these songs, that you should be.

I do not recommend it as your very first Guitar instructional. First know your scales and especially your pentatonic scales in the guitar friendly keys and how to play the basic chords too. Or at least have user friendly written access to the music theory in case you want to rock. A good guitar reference book near by would be comforting.

    Menu Rock Guitar Famous Riffs and Solos - Tom Kolb
  • Ch 1: Tuning
  • Ch 2: No Particular Place to Go - Chuck Berry
  • Ch 3: Crossroads - Robert Johnson/Cream
  • Ch 4: Hey Joe - The Seeds/Jim Hendrix
  • Ch 5: You Shook Me - Led Zeppelin
  • Ch 6: Iron Man - Black Sabbath
  • Ch 7: Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple
  • Ch 8: You Really Got me - The Kinks/EVH
  • Ch 9: Crossfire - SRV
  • Ch 10: Credits

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