Two Handed Tapping - Stuart Bull Page One

This is a guitar lesson where in a brief 3 minutes or less you are tapping. I like it!

Stuart wastes no time. Consider however, If you have the right sound you will be smiling and if you don't you will be looking to dial it in.

A small solid state amp can give you that gratifying sustained sound for less than 2 Benjamins.

I don't see people with an acoustic guitar being able to get the full feeling of this technique, its primarily for electric guitar enthusiasts in possession of an amplifier.

There is (as usual for lickLIBRARY) no pamphlet with this one but you don't really need it to start getting a sore finger and that wont take long to happen.

You learn the notes too as you string these taps together and see that they are triads and that triads make up chords.

In Pop music your most used triad chords share one note in their makeup and to make a new chord as in the chords F, C and Am for example you make a simple one note change each time you change a chord. You will be doing small movements with your left hand fingers as you change chords.

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