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front cover This is a great welcome to my world, on my terms, guitar lesson with the man himself, Robin Trower hosting.

For many, his, is the style they mean when they mistakenly say: "they just want to play lead".

Wah-wah pedal wailing in a power trio setting with bass and drums. Jolly Good Fun! I think Robin is using a Crybaby wah. You can hear his amps humming. He has two Marshall cabinet stacks. One topped by a Marshall head and the other by a Fender.

He even says it himself at one point: all the tone is coming out of the Fender head. This lesson is 45 minutes long.

Its not for your garden variety fledgling axe murderer however. That said, the wise amongst us could learn sagacity from a deep old file like Robin perhaps by just watching.

The guitar clueless might even get discouraged. Its happened to folks! Like Torture even. But in practical terms the biggest, sort of 'little' issue to be aware of is that Robin turns his guitar down one step. That means if you want to play along in tune with him you have to tune your guitar to his. Or play your self in standard tuning but a fret board whole step down from Robin. That way its not the same really but it is good practice.

Mercifully, Robin starts out simply and winds it up semi gradually from there.

If you only have one guitar suitable for the purpose you'll quickly see that your guitar hates it when you retune it down or up.

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