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I like these Rock House Metal Guitar finger exercise lessons. But, in my opinion they aren't for Newbies. I recommend a good scale and chord book as supplementary.

Its not that there is anything mysterious going on. Its that there is a lot of hard work in the shape of repetitive finger exercising to the metronome doing little nuanced licks over parts of scales and using arpeggios, chord fragments and all kinds of cool stuff.  We are urged to do them in the order presented to build upon the previous.  Its all flat picking.

There are three routines each with its own exercises see below. He does teach the minor pentatonic scale in 5 positions at the end of routine 1. Each exercise emphasizes certain techniques and targets specific finger strength.

I feel that most young guitar shooters need to be firmly rooted in the soil for a year or three before they can begin to bear fruit. There is low hanging fruit and then there is higher hanging fruit. These exercise are mostly of the latter kind. In other words you have to learn how to play slowly before you can play fast. Do what thou wilt however. Don't mind me. Just don't expect miracles.

In my opinion you should know your basic chords and what the scales are and that the major scale is the one to learn first. Know about triads because if you aren't interested in that basic knowledge you sure aren't going to be interested in this.

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