Buddy Guy - Teaches Electric Chicago Blues Guitar
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Buddy Guy as most of you know has had a long and distinguished musical career and this guitar lesson, was recorded in 1983. When this blues guitar styles compendium was first preserved for posterity and edification Buddy had apparently already open his Blues Club called Legends as we see it within.

To our pleasure Buddy charmingly and disarmingly demonstrates for us via the electric guitar fret board, some of his main influences including the very first song he ever learned: Boogie Children which as we all realize is a John Lee Hooker classic of great distinction.
"Let them Boogie".

Brandishing a real Fender Stratocaster Buddy remarks that this particular style is where you play your rhythm and your lead too.

There exist many goodies and low hung fruit here if your desire is to play the blues distillation that is Buddy Guys style. Damn right I got the blues. Incidentally Buddy is a singer too and a real good one which they don't get into here. 

You should check out his recordings and play along. His keys are guitar friendly.  I have seen him live too and he is great with a 100 foot chord coming right out into the audience playing his axe.

Anyway is it the right first Guitar lesson for a beginner? Probably not. I would wait until I had some foundation built up through repeated practice of the major, minor, Blues and pentatonic scale plus chords. On the other hand you couldn't ask for a better player to watch repeatedly who has only improved over the years and is in his 80's in 2014. Buddy shows us the power of not taking no for an answer and that learning as much as you can persistently, can and does, lead to your own personal embellishments that add up to your style...

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