John Hammond Instructional for Blues Guitar
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Out of all the play Guitar learning I am reviewing I am tempted to say that John Hammond is the best guitar player of them all.

He strums, sings, plays harmonica at the same time practically and has a rhythm section going with his foot.  People talk about Hendrix singing over his incredible changes well this is getting up there with that or even surpasses it - sacrilegious or not.

Just so you know this is a finger style Mississippi Delta oriented presentation even though he has records where he plays electric blues. Some of my favorite blues records of all time as a matter of fact.

I have another almost twice as long John Hammond Guitar Instructional you should check out too.

Now for those of you that don't know there is a John Hammond Jr.. whom we see here performing (and I want to say teaching rather than just performing and answering questions) and his father, who among other things, in a very eventful life, was in the music business and discovered a lot of people giving them their first recognition and signing to Columbia Records.

Actually the father has an incredible Bio and discovered people like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springstien and load more! I'll steal one line to give you an idea: In 1983, he brought guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan to Columbia and was credited as executive producer on his debut album. So point being Jr. here was from a music loving family even if he never grew up with his father as he tells us in the 2nd DVD of his I review: J.H. the later years and took to it like a fish to water finally picking up guitar at 17 yrs young. That's not that young really but he was listening from long before. I guess we can chalk it up to hard work and talent! Anyway one of my very favorite singers and guitar players/stylists.

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