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hand classical guitar lesson cover Watching this Guitar instructional, which I'll call
An Introduction to Classical Guitar but that they call Classical Guitar Technique and Musicianship, filled a big gap in my knowledge.

I recommend this to any budding guitar student as an essential Introduction to general music theory and classical guitar knowledge. A necessity to becoming a well informed finger style guitar student. Have Mercy! Lawdy! Lawdy! Shake a Tail Feather from joy! Forgive my exuberance but I have been looking for this type of fingerstyle guitar knowledge for a long time. I was ignorant but you don't have to be.

And it gave me direct guidance as to which fingerpicking exercises were most important for both thumb and finger(s).

You can get by with one finger and your thumb as many, many famous players have, but they weren't classical players in the accepted sense of the style. They are fingerstylers in their own right. The legendary Chet Atkins played semi-classical he tells us in his guitar lesson. But Chet's lesson, while excellent, isn't as thorough a primer as this is by Frederic Hand by a long shot.

In this lesson we are taught to move in the most efficient fret board manner minimizing wasted motion. Position Playing. I had heard from a young age, the conventional wisdom, that if you learn to play classical music you can play anything. I think they meant piano music but its a similar tradition. That always nagged at me because I never took a classical guitar lesson. Plus I like quite a bit of that kind of guitar music when I hear it but don't own any of it. As my mood changes perhaps I prefer Spanish a la Robbie Krieger and the Doors ... those minor things and the tension and the drama of it can translate to other styles. Think of The Black Keys song Dead and Gone its in Gm.

I never played classical guitar because I didn't own one then. I was drawn to the grope in the dark style of bands like the Ramones - figure it out yourself nature of three chord rock and had no one around to show me how ignorant I was and what I was missing!

Now, for example, If I want to change from flat picking to hybrid picking, I can absorb these classical teachings and maybe even do the exercises too! Life's harsh facts are that one needs to put in the time to get the muscle memory necessary.

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