Rolling Stones, learn to play, Vol 1: - Michael Casswell
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front cover The very first Rolling Stones song Michael Casswell teaches us is 'I Can't Get No Satisfaction'!

And its so simple your Aunt Sadie from Jersey City could play it even if she never picked up a guitar in her life.

At least that main repeating riff you have heard a million times is simple. There is also an acoustic guitar in the back ground of the song.

'Satisfaction' is in standard tuning.  Michael urges us to dig out our old fuzz boxes from the cupboard and to try to get that gnarly sound Keith has on the recording.

Mike is using a Fender Telecaster which I believe Keith also used. There are three barre chords in the song A-E-B and it not too, too precise a rhythm chop as played by Keith on record.

Anyway Michael shows us how its done and its pretty simple but effective. The second verse is a bit different he shows us that too. The lesson menu for the Satisfaction song has an Electric and an Acoustic entry. Mike shows us the 3 chords so this is beginner level up to this point anyway.

Song Two: Jumping Jack Flash is in the open tuning key of Eb/D# but not exactly. Michael informs us its a tad sharp. There is more than one Stones version of this song however.

The song its self is in Bb using this tuning. Michael allows us to tune to his guitar and gives us the notes. Eb, Bb, Eb, Eb, Bb, Eb forming an Eb5 chord with no third. Now I don't know about y'all but I have had a love affair with the Rolling Stones since I was 8 years old.

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