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front cover Jim Kelly's Guitar Workshop (1:17:42) is a great lesson buts its also a teaser to get you to go to Berklee and-or buy more of their product. Jim is doing us a favor it seems like. He plays fast and says that we shouldn't get discouraged and that a lot of this is going to seem really difficult.

Its not Jim's fault that we don't play guitar so well. The first time I watched this that was how I felt. Now 2 years later and many more hours of practice beneath my fingers I know I can get a lot more out of this. I understand what he is doing much better. Scales, chords, arpeggios and rhythm.

Jim attended Berklee and has taught there for over 20 years. He also tells us in the introduction that there is a follow on visual lesson #2 for sale as well and a book for each one. Don't!

The first couple of times I watched this I was flailing around. Not all of this guitar lesson is hard but many of the parts I liked were. I did finally get a nice little major pentatonic Barney Kessel string skip slide thing that he does however. So I walked away with something. Then I quit watching it. I went and studied the basics and now am back and more likely to build upon it.

Back then I figured, what the heck, to buy the relevant aforementioned literature. So you guessed it folks, there is no pamphlet with this incomplete lesson. Its a workshop. WTF does that mean? It means frustration. Now its true that Berklee is a good school and that they have branches abroad. But If I was planning to attend a music school I would not have ordered the lesson.

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