Mastering Fret board Harmony I & II

Mastering Fretboard HarmonyThis set of two Guitar instructional lesson's opens the world of guitar harmony in a practical way that you don't have incur a student loan and to go to college to get! What's more it does it in a enjoyable and fun way that relates to all kinds of guitar styles from bluegrass to jazz to R & B and soul.

I have begun to learn things about how the guitar works that I never even considered until I started this course. For best results you have to physically hold the guitar and play along not just watch.

This is a course in harmony as applied to guitar strings. A course that divides the neck into strings sets of two or three strings each and shows you the way to play major and minor thirds like pioneers such as Chuck Berry made so much of on two strings right next to one another or by skipping a string playing 6th intervals.

That's what harmony is: playing intervals that sound good together. Intervals are parts of scales which themselves are part of Harmony and have certain rules and constraints one of which is they invert: a major third becomes a minor 6th <> a major 5th a minor 4th <>When added together they always add up to nine! 6+3=9, 5+4=9, 2+7=9,1+8=9!

Rather than the painful 230 bpm runs which many advocate here you will learn to think differently about the music you want to make and decipher reminiscent of James Burton, the Blues brothers, CCR and not to mention Staxx and Motown too. Your instructor is Jimmy Brown and he has obviously formally studied music in school but he keeps it humane. An incredible guitar player and senior musical editor over at guitar world he talks quietly but carries a big stick.

Both lesson's have a really good .PDF file to down load and that makes all the difference as you attempt to emulate what he is showing you. I'd definitely give the 1st lesson a buy - its must have info if you want to be a player.

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