Metal Rhythm Guitar in 6 weeks - week 1 - Andy James Page One

Getting a metal tone using Andy's rig:
The single chain: Boss pedal Tuner (69 eu)
Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive (26 eu)
Blackstar HT Metal pre amp valve (tube) (250 eu)
Boss NS-2 Noise suppressor (79 eu) gets rid of hum and feed back
as the Blackstar HT is a tad noisy and hums too.

This is lick library so there is no pamphlet. On this particular lesson I don't think that is going to be a hindrance to you. This is a well designed and logical guitar lesson with a teacher who actually teaches and is young enough to remember what's its like to need lessons. If and only if you want to learn metal then buy this!

The first thing I did was to go to the menu section called Getting a Metal Tone and as you can see above its going to cost you a few piastres for this set up. Its sounds brilliant! Andy uses an Ltd active pick up guitar.

Andy is an excellent teacher too! I have taken notes of a lot of guitar lessons thus far and that is the first time I have called any one an excellent teacher. What do I know? Who am I to judge? John Q Public!

The tuner and noise suppressor will serve you in good stead for other styles too obviously and you may have them already. I think a solid state amp which are generally less expensive than tube amps will work great if you own the guitar pedals listed so that's a savings. Pantera's Dimebag Daryl refused to use tube amps. Said he didn't need them for his sound. A Roland cube amp is good choice for 100$. A Fender Super Champ SD for 350$ gets you a tube amp plus effects and is my 'go to' 15w amp. It can approach this tonal style with none of the pedals. But those pedals would be fun no question!!!!

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