Albert King ~ Rumba Blues ~ Steve Trovato Page One

front cover This is my third Albert King guitar lesson. I don't think I have three on anybody else except Eric Clapton & Jimi Hendrix; they were all that influential.

Of the Kings Some folks say B.B. King is the most influential and maybe so for them, but for me its Albert.

I can say that Freddie King and BB also deserve in depth study.

You can read all about these famous guitar players and even see them play on line and I already introduce them in each of their respective lessons.

So here I figure you want to know which one of these three Albert King lessons is best? Well first off the other two are by the same guitar guru Monseigneur Andy Aledort. Both are good but one flawed by its over engineered interface and small lesson screen.

Here in this lesson our instructor uses a Suhr Telecaster Style Guitar. Additionally with our instructor we have another huge talent in the guitar educational scene: Mr. Steve Trovato. He presents us, in this Quick Licks, six string, electric guitar lesson with advanced insight and you get a jam track.

But its only one song for all 6 solos, which is either Cross Cut Saw or Laundromat Blues or a mix thereof. I guess its the rumba blues mentioned on the cover. He never does explain that.

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