Joe Bonamassa - Sounds, Styles, Techniques ~ Joe Bonamassa

front cover For almost one hour Mr. Joe Bonamassa takes us on a tour of his stage set up.

Smokin' Joe examples for us a lot of the guitar styles that he studied/mastered. You can hear a bit of classical, rock, blues and jazz.

Mostly though, he likes Hendrix! Additionally we see how he uses what guitar for which style & how to enhance the particular vibe even further with various pedal effects, finger dynamics and slide techniques.

All of which he excels at. Joe is also a master of the volume knob. Joe also hybrid picks and can and does fingerstyle.

Mr. Goodeater is soft spoken, friendly enough and Midwestern in temperament.

He briefly explains his approach to amplifier miking and cleverly, his ear-saving baffling technique. Giving the term 'Plexi' a whole new meaning. In general He provides us with a very useful look at a touring musicians  bag o' tricks.

Of particular interest was our jaunt through his pedal board. A complete list of which is in the menu below. He also explained that in miking amps on the road that each performance space is different and how he copes to get the sound he wants regardless!

 back coverJoe certainly seems to know his business. What he doesn't do here is teach you how to play the guitar.

Buy this if you are interested in learning more about Joe. Joe seems to have a level head on his shoulders and few illusions.

It my understanding he has been bred to being a musician or if not bred at least interested enough to keep at it from early on and never give up.

A parent might hold Joe up as a shining example of how to do it right by not getting a swell head and avoiding the many pitfalls such a career has a plenty.

Way before the good stuff is a lot of work, requiring discipline and steadfast determination. To get where Joe is at such a young age required both. Bravo to him!

No pamphlet. No songs taught. They do tell you the running time on the back cover. 61 minutes. Joe is steeped in the blues and you can hear John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and other country blues finger styles - which you need to learn to be able to do on demand. Joe has being playing since he was 7! His father was a guitar dealer. Like Mozart a child prodigy nutured from xtreme 'ute.

    Joe Bonamassa's Sounds, Styles, Techniques ~ Joe Bonamassa 61 minutes
  • Ch 1: Intro (1 minute)
  • Ch 2: Fender Stratocaster (15:27) Hendrix Blues rock style
  • Ch 3: Fender Telecaster (5:34)  Country picking Gatton style
  • Ch 4: Gibson Guitars (5:54) Early Clapton, Page, Green
  • Ch 5: Rhythm (4:03) Finger style Hybrid style Time and Pocket
  • CH 6: Soloing (6:18)
  • Ch 7: Slide Guitar (4:52) Electric Resonator Finger style, Vibrato
  • Ch 8: Effects (9:11) Leslie Korg G4, Boss DD3 Delay, Carl Martin Hot driven boost, Reverend Drivetrain II, Prescription univibe copy, Flip Tube Tremelo, FullTone Octave fuzz Band Gypsy, t.c. chorus + pitch mod - flanger Pedal, Vox wah pedal, Line 6 swell-string effect.
  • Ch 9: Amps & Speakers (3:18)
  • Ch 10: Amplifier Baffle (1:24)
  • Ch 11: Mics and Amps (1:33)
  • Ch 12: Outro - Credits (2:12)

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