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This Rockabilly guitar lesson by Stephan Grossman Guitar Workshop has the highest quality pamphlet I have seen in the single digital guitar instruction industry. 43 pages of notation, Tab, chord charts... its all here.

Featuring Fred Sokolow and his Fender telecaster guitar we are inducted into a variety of Rockabilly, Rock and roll, country Blues, Western Swing and even big band all in the search for the roots of rockabilly guitar.

Names crop up, T-Bone Walker, Lightning Hopkins, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Buddy Holy, Eddie Cochrane, Scotty Moore and Merle Travis. 

And Fred introduces us to each of those names and more showing us highlights of each's guitar stye. He also talks about the necessity of some kind of finger picking to play rockabilly properly and he discuss options but offers no such exercises.

As a Texan listening to the radio Buddy Holly was influenced by Lightning Hopkins and so we do basic E and blues scale licks common to both of these seminal guitar players. Buddy played with a capo at the fifth fret using a steady thumb blues technique that's a lot harder than it looks. Buddy did that but we thankfully don't have to just yet. So if you can play the chords of E, A, D and B and apply yo' bad sef, you can perhaps learn a lot. Fred goes over the different ways you can play the basic guitar move licks we all know and love to learn in the beginning. Boogie Woogie.

Now we start to move these patterns up the neck by barring and sliding shapes held rigidly in position up the neck. Do you know your C-A-G-E-D chords? You need to learn those or be fried by the bug zapper.

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