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harmony and theory back coverOK there are some great songs here but a few issues.

Almost every song is finger style, needs a capo or is in an open tuning.

One is the usual camera angle problems I have found in all these '8 song' lesson guitar productions by Hal Leonard.

Two On Before You Accuse Me take a Look at Yourself there is serious finger picking Mississippi Delta Blues style so I hope you have all been dusting off your Robert Johnson like there were Hellhounds on your trail.

there is no pamphlet but sensing we might require one we are told practically first thing that we are welcome to hunt down and buy the separate songs in books that Hal Leonard has already produced in any of several publications. We are also told to check the additional resources link within the menu structure. You wont find them there but you will find plenty of other learn guitar stuff to spend your money on. Hal Leonard is so thoughtful.

A couple of the songs are great in my opinion, but you have to go to the credits to see that Bo Diddley (also known as Elias McDaniels) really wrote Before You Accuse Me Take a Look at Yourself which Credence Clearwater Revival also made a great electric cover of. If you didn't know this you would think Eric Clapton wrote it.

The 2nd Song, Crazy on You by Heart was a mega hit but is has a serious finger style Intro that is a main theme riff. Its a beautiful piece of guitar playing. I'll take my hat off to you if you learn it! Its worth just messing with it and playing with the notes even if you cant do it exactly maybe.

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