Blues Guitar Method Set 6 of lessons plus with Steve Krenz

This is a 6 lesson course with a downloadable .PDF book (which book I don't have) and 1 CD of play along jams and 1 lesson of interviews and songs. The reason I don't have the book is that I bought this Blues Guitar method when its parent company was called Legacy Learning Systems and before it was bought by Gibson Guitars and re-worked. I can't find the download. Duh!

My  original literature clearly explains and makes a big deal about how I should very first thing: down load the .PDF book but the link is re-directed to Gibson and they don't offer a book. They offer a lot of other also very well made instructional material too however and I wont be the only site reviewing them as any punters such as myself can see.

Our intrepid educator says at several junctures that he assumes we know something about playing the guitar already but in the first lesson is showing us chords like we don't know anything. In the next lesson he is showing us how to play lead and landing on thirds and fifth notes while phrasing and this is without having shown us the major scale which comes up in lesson III so this is my main gripe.

That subject matter is presented out of order from the way I would teach it. Its well presented but not in a logical order.

On the other hand there is a lot of cool stuff in here that people learning to play blues would find very useful. It just depends where you are on that road as to how useful. Now don't get me wrong this is a quality production and very good in its way but it shouldn't be your very first introduction to playing the guitar. They produce another product which I recommend for that called Learn and Master Guitar as well as Learn and Master Drums. These method sets end up being more expensive and require more of an commitment perhaps maybe.

Our Instructor Steve Krenz plays some pretty excellent guitar and has some high quality musicians playing with him and they are all apparently Nashville studio musicians and you know how good you have to be to play professionally in Nashville? You can bet your boots of Spanish leather they all read music and have studied and played years and years too! Who better to teach us?

Any way in addition to basic blues moves Steve shows us different blues styles like shuffles and 12/8 that are really soulful and mellow and flying close to the jazz bug zapper.

These later are where Steve relaxes and plays some serious lead guitar for us and where he also shines. He speeds some of his moves up and we loose fingering definition in some places. Steve there are at least two little moves of yours that are your own that I am going to try and cop! Its a classy dressed up blues ala BB King or Grant Green or T. Bone Walker. If you can afford this you wont regret the time spent and in my opinion are going to get some insight. You may know some of it already but not all is my guess.

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