Advanced Metal - riffs, arpeggios, speed runs - John McCarthy
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This "Rock House Method" guitar instructional featuring John McCarthy will give those that practice its tenants a thorough grounding in what's needed to start to play electric guitar melodic notes or shred passages and scales with some authority. No Chords!

Its got a great pamphlet with it too in big print so I don't need my glasses. There is even a glossary for crying out loud! That is remarkable.

And amazingly enough our instructor has made an earth shattering innovation worthy of mention! He has put little numbered squares inside the fret space for the 15th, 12th, 10th, 7th, 5th and 3rd fret so we can identify more readily the correct intervals and relate them to those bothersome fret board dots.

See this helps because, OK, he has put the little squares within the same fret as the dots but with a number there it makes more sense this way! Wicked Pisser! Fair Dinkum! What a great idea! Its easier to conceptualize! And to see!!!

And another great idea is the DIAGONAL split screen sometimes employed! Its much easier on the eyes and quicker too! Right hand on the left and left on the right. Holy Guano Batman! Bam! Wham! Pow! Just seeing these innovations makes me respect and give more credence to the exact order of the exercises. They are in an out of the box style on purpose!.

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