In the Style of The Who ~ Curt Mitchell Page One

front cover This is a good little guitar lesson about the Who! Curt Mitchell is an interesting character as our guitar teacher who lets his hair down and gives us unique insights many others don't.

Not every riff of the 43 riffs on here is absolutely great but enough of them are that this is a fun, not too challenging introduction for a guitar beginner looking to learn do-able must know beginning rock and roll moves.

Provided you have the equipment to get a nice fat over driven sound.

Today prices have come way down on starter guitar equipment. Especially amps and starter guitars.

Since he isn't working for a corporation or teasing us to join an guitar instructional website or College of Music that costs you monthly money he has no hidden agenda and can teach to the best of his ability. There is a .PDF file for all 43 Riffs.

These 43 riffs seems to come primarily from the following 5 Who songs: My Generation, Substitute (riff 12), Pinball Wizard, I Can See for Miles and Miles and Squeezbox. There are other songs covered here too like: I Cant Explain is the first riff. Boris the Spider drops down beside us too. Lots of early stuff. Incisive signature Townsend.

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