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How to play the Best Of Pantera: Cowboys from Hell, Cemetery Gates, Mouth for War and Walk - Guitar teacher Andy Aledort

Is this only "In the Style Of Pantera"? No! Heck No! Its the real songs. Plus you get 90 minutes of it which is hefty!

Both the Rhythm and the Solos for four great songs each off their first two albums. Andy reminds us that Dime Bag was a real guitar path finder and had some idiosyncratic aspects to his set up. His string gauges were the following: 9 11 16 26 36 46 and he tuned down a quarter step early in his career and a whole step later. Those gauges above are three high strings from a slinky set and three bottom strings from a set higher in gauge.

Later still, in Damage Plan, we are informed the late Dime Bag Darrell tuned down 1.5 steps and upped the gauge a couple of levels because strings go slack when you tune down. Andy says the earliest Pantera records has standard tuning, but later changed to half step down also known as 'slack tuning', quarter step down and finally 40 cents above a half step down. This keeps one 'relevant'!

Andy tunes us up to standard tuning audibly in the usual manner and then again showing us how to get that 40 cents setting using a BOSS TU-12H tuner with increments of 20. Say you want to play along to the original recording then having a good chromatic tuner is a must have tool.

Actually having a good ear from birth is a God Send or developing it easily! Having a chromatic tuner is just common sense and there are many tuners to choose from. Clip on guitar tuners are handiest.

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