Guns and Roses ~ Danny Gill

front cover If you haven't read my In the Style of Slash solos review also with guitar instructor Danny Gill you may want to but I prefer this Guns and Roses guitar lesson myself.

This is a really good guitar lesson where you learn to play the real songs. Its a 2 DVD set with over 4 hours worth of lessons Vs the 80 minutes of the Slash solos lesson DVD. Both are advanced and both good but if I had to choose...

Either way its recommended to have your guitar toys in order to match your instructor's guitar signal as close as we can get to the original. So much of hard rocks' sound is effects which transform great licks in to super great licks. And hides mistakes too!

In case you cant read it off the cover look at the song menu below for both DVDs. Of particular note is the scales section of DVD II where Danny tells us that Slash uses 7 scales we need to know. The major and minor pentatonic scales with added blue notes, Mixolydian mode, Natural and Harmonic minor scales. He says it himself " If you know those you can go right to the songs." Here is where he shows these to us and it would be so much better if there was a pamphlet and that's why I recommend a good guitar reference book as an invaluable learning tool!

 back coverHe starts us off with the minor pentatonic in G at the 15 fret. His guitar sound is still rock star wet. Is this where to teach some one the major pentatonic scale for the first time? I don't think so. But then he shows us that Em pentatonic is the exact same scale but starting at a different note.

So yes the 12th fret is a good place to show us how E minor pentatonic is the exact same notes as G minor Pentatonic only starting on 12th fret E instead of 15th fret G. Too bad this scales section is only 10 minute long.

Anyway I am partial to the songs Welcome to the Jungle and Paradise City and learning how to play those alone makes this a worthy lesson in Guns and Roses guitar technique in my opinion. The rest is just icing on the cake. There is no pamphlet or .PDF on the disc.  I recommend this if you want to learn the songs - songs you already likely know are easier to learn in my opinion. Danny does a real nice job showing them to us.

    I Guns and Roses ~ Danny Gill
  • Ch 1: Play All Lessons
  • Ch 2: Welcome to the Jungle
  • Ch 3:  Intro, Pre Verse, Verse and Chorus
  • Ch 4: Arrangement and 1st solo
  • Ch 5: Bridge
  • CH 6: 2nd Solo
  • Ch 7: Breakdown section and outro
  • Ch 8: Sweet Child of Mine
  • Ch 9: Play All Lessons
  • Ch 10: Intro, Verse, Chorus
  • Ch 11: 1st and 2nd Solo Fills
  • Ch 12: 3rd Chorus
  • Ch 13: 3rd Solo
  • Ch 14: Breakdown Section and Outro
  • Ch 15: Paradise City
  • Ch 16: Play All Lessons
  • Ch 17: Distorted Intro & Lead Melody
  • Ch 18: Pre Verse and Verse riffs
  • Ch 19: Chorus, Arrangement and Solo
  • Ch 20: Final Verse and Outro Riffs
  • Ch 21: Danny Performances of full songs
    II Guns and Roses ~ Danny Gill
  • Ch 1: November Rain
  • Ch 2: Intro and Verses
  • Ch 3: Chorus and Bridge
  • Ch 4: 1st Solo
  • Ch 5: 2nd Solo
  • CH 6: 3rd Chorus and outro chords
  • Ch 7: Outro Solo
  • Ch 8: Don't Cry
  • Ch 9: Intro,Verse, Chorus
  • Ch 10: 2nd Verse & 2nd Chorus
  • Ch 11: Solo
  • Ch 12: 3rd Verse and Outro
  • Ch 13: Solo
  • Ch 14:3rd Verse and Outro
  • Ch 15: Scales and Modes
  • Ch 16: Performances

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