Creedence Clearwater Revival: learn 8 songs ~ Doug Boduch
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front cover This is a Hal Leonard presentation. The Hal Leonard Company is perhaps the 900 pound gorilla of the Music Education Industry.

I believe with out actually knowing for sure that what they have is a distribution network so that all kinds of independent productions maybe get distributed thru them and/or fall under their umbrella at some point.

They also produce their own stuff. This is one of those and features Doug Boduch as a hired guitar guy. So even though I like Doug I'll bet this is scripted out for him. Doug has a degree in music and probably reads music too.

They wont tell you this stuff. I just infer it. I could be wrong. Not to give HL's Production Dept. too hard a time or anything, but somebody screwed up somewhere, because its says Black Sabbath on my DVD players titles screen.

So what does that have to do with it you ask? Only that this is vol.20 of their Guitar Play Along Series. I wish I had the other 19 because they are handy. Sometime you just want to learn to play Green River. I saw Earl Slick do a cover of that with Phantom Rocker. Great song!

You youngsters listen up Creedence Clearwater Revival stands the test of time and has to be one of my favorite bands.  Its easy enough to go on line and Wiky John Fogerty and CCR. I remember when I first heard Creedence. I bought the record. Or rather my father bought it for me. It was like $1.50. The Ventures, Doors, Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, were original American acts and were just getting popular. The Ventures were there first. My father liked the guitar but didn't play it seriously. I'd been weened on the Chicago radio diet of the 60's and had been exposed the British Invasion with the Animals, Stones, Beatles, Herman's Hermits, Manfred Man, Kinks and the Dave Clark Five. All influenced by American R & B, Rockabilly and Black Blues. Releasing it in the UK and the US. Creedence did the black cover thing but even better. Screaming Jay Who?

It was a California invasion. Creedence broke out with and covered 2 Screaming Jay Hawkins songs: I Put a Spell on You and Suzi Q. Amazing songs. Brilliant songs. Immortalizing songs. Then later, it seems to me now, ruminating, that it was John Fogerty invented Swamp Bayou Blues. Or at least he popularized it. Also there was the Vietnam War which tinged that whole era. Cant forget that. Anyway my point is John Fogerty is a heck of a guitar player and wrote some great original songs alone or with the band. I think his brother played drums too. Plus he can sing rock really well!

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