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front cover Our initial 30 minutes of this guitar lesson is the Reggae part which is very good even for beginners. The second section, the Funk rhythm part which is also good but more advanced comes in at 15 minutes in length.

Andy does a real nice job of presenting to us the Reggae style and its guitar technique. He even describes the pedals that Bob Marley and later adherents use to this day: A phase shifter and a delay mostly.

Since this first half is devoted to the "Reggae Music" its consequently heavy on the rhythm guitar.

The late and great Bob Marley is our tune smith role model. Our instructor Andy Aledort touches on 2 songs like "No Woman, No Cry" and "I Shot the Sheriff". 

Compositions that you have heard on the radio a million times and other Marley songs less known. The reason I feel this will work for beginning guitar players is that they will immediately see how the C-A-G-E-D shapes work and the reason for learning them and the practice to which they can be put. Of course if its your first exposure to C-A-G-E-D Chord shapes you may be lost.

At its simplest C-A-G-E-D is about taking the chord shapes everyone learns first; down at the head stock or nut. The so-called Cow Boy chords. The first couple of frets in other words and sliding the shape up the neck with you ensuring the barre going where needed. This "whole shape" approach works great for chords that are easy to barre like E and A. While with the more awkward shapes we learn "voicings" of three or four notes depending on the string set.

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