Learning Chicago Blues Guitar Lick Samples - Shun Kikuta Page One

Shun Kikuta is a great guitar player! An excellent Chicago blues player and a real class act.

What's more this lesson almost has more easily digestible little segments on it than you can blow a harp to. Its exceptional buy it!

I definitely recommend spending for this value packed unique distillation of the genre if you want to learn electric blues.

Its got tips and licks and riffs galore including both rhythm and soloing and like a course curriculum offers you a great grounding in the nitty gritty of the windy city's Chicago blues.

A la Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Hound Dog Taylor, and later even a chapter on the specific styles of B.B., Albert King, Albert Collins, Elmore James and last but not least 3 different but admittedly short T-Bone Walker segments. T-Bone was from Texas. Everybody from somewhere!

Shun is from Japan and one cant help but admire his inspired heart felt guitar playing and deep appreciation for the blues. Plus he moved to Chicago to play professionally. That's dedication! You cant fake playing this well - you have to love it!

Among other things there are turnarounds played six different ways from Sunday using 7th chords, then jazz chords, then hillbilly jazz chords giving you the ability to learn some jump blues and rock-a-billy chord changes too. Shun went to Berklee and its paid off in a big way. We receive the benefit of his education and can only begin to appreciate just how many hours of blind stabbing in the dark we save using his examples to guide us.

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