A Guitarists Guide to Better Practicing ~ Pete Huttlinger

We are spoiled for choice with a third must have entry for the best beginners guitar instructional.

If you are just starting out on guitar and want to start with sound practice principles or even if you've been playing in a desultory fashion for years you will conceivably do your self a big favor by studying this axe strategy guide by Peter Huttlinger.

Allow me to make a distinction for you. Peter is primarily a finger style guitar player and to complicate matters also uses a thumb pick and his fingers.

This is not every bodies style. Using a really nice looking Collings acoustic guitar he shows you exercises for both the left and right hands.

If you want a solid explanation in plain language that will give you foundation needed for any guitar style there is a lot great theory to be easily applied here. Pete shows you how.

This is ideal for the beginner unsure of which exact style they will learn next. There is fingerstyle technique employed which I highly recommend knowing. Peter Hybrid picks - he doesn't call it that. Chet Atkins used a thumb pick too. As did late great Johnny Winter.

Its best of course to be versatile in all styles and to be thin and rich.

Peter, plays very well, has more than 16 years of experience as a guitar teacher and knows what he is talking about from his session player perspective and finger picking style.

He starts at the beginning but stays focused and goes through various topics such as choosing a goal - or prioritizing for you what aspect of the guitar you want to focus on at a time and managing your practice time to good effect.

Since there are a lot of aspects to guitar playing this is a good concept to try to incorporate! Skill(s) - you can take them with you!

The Lesson menu consists of the following headings: The 5 fingerings for the major scale in closed position, 5 fingerings for open string scales,  using the metronome, chromatic scale exercise using the metronome, Monaghan jig, right hand exercises, exercises based on villa lobos etude, and exercises for both hands.

As stated, but needing emphasis as its so important, Peter also explains the many benefits of a guitarists best friend the metronome. Why you need it and how to use it to advantage. There are plenty of exercises and a couple of songs that he shows and breaks down for you in an easy to understand if not a cinch to play manner.

If its acoustic finger style guitar you like then go for it! Perhaps combined with a CAGED method . Bear in mind its a lot easier to be heard around the campfire with an beater acoustic guitar. Cheaper too! What does that  have to do with it? Real guitar players eventually have an acoustic guitar and then everything else. Acoustic playing helps your electric playing. Especially in the beginning. This is excellent.

Peter is very middle of the road and non-invasive. You could even call him 'normal.

A perfect present to any beginner with a guitar so they get off on the good foot! No lie!

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