Dimebag Darrell ~ Metal~ Pantera ~Danny Gill

front cover This DimeBag Darrell Heavy Metal guitar Lesson starts out with an explanation of musical time and turns into brief exercises for the first couple of chapters.

This lesson is for exactly who it says it is: DimeBag Fans. Still I don't see any Dime bag songs? So its in the style of Dime and his influences.

The lesson theory info is good but woefully short. Particularly if you are just starting out and thinking you want to learn metal. See menu below. I review for you elsewhere several good instructional books and lessons to focus on learning Metal. See Below Below.

This guitar lesson has a great instructor and also has some righteous guitar playing on it but its not beginner level even if they throw in the above. The material is far more advanced than learning what a whole note is. Later there is a lead guitar section where Danny tries to figure out Darrell's influences and this is serious shredding. Names crop up like Jimi Hendrix, Ace Frehley, Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhodes. 

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Role Models

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