The Alchemical Guitarist I & II ~ Richard Lloyd Page One

front dvd case coverIs it the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end? I am still not sure and it may not matter either if you go along for the full ride.

A wee bit tortuous but illuminating, Richard Lloyds Alchemical method of inducting acolytes to the fret board (and thus music) is both practical (presenting exercises) and of a more theoretical nature than your average put your finger on the third fret of the fourth string variety and for that alone its a welcome change!

If its your first exposure to music theory you will learn an awful lot and even if its not odds are there is something within that will give you an 'a ha' moment or two.

And I want to believe that the more you understand about music the better musician you will be and the more informed decisions you will make about what your music does.

This 2 Lesson set will help you understand how its done and get you thinking if you absorb its teachings! Its all attitude, physics and mathematics really. Richard has enough attitude and to spare but can you dance to it? 24 months of columns crammed into 2 Lessons is like the The LOTR in 3 movies.

Also it evokes the C-A-G-E-D system which we could argue about which one is better? Just one of other C-A-G-E-D system lesson I discovered. That one was country acoustic. Here is great reference book CAGED Approach. Here is a CAGED guitar method book and digital course in a set. (Electric)

But the Alchemical presents these musical concepts differently and does it with an electric guitar too. It is a unique compendium of guitar knowledge and its not c-a-g-e-d exactly but alchemical. And another thing there are no thumb or finger picks here only flat picks. Bless you!

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