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This entry from Guitar World Magazine is a stand alone entity rather than a collection or guitar related articles or instructional footage or derivative products. Blues Rock Master Class has its own 12 page .PDF file which gives it an extra star from me! It will go full screen too.

I recommend buying it immediately. Our prolific and indefatigable instructor, Andy Aledort cuts right to the chase combining a bit of theory and all the requisite princely trappings to enable us to soar like snowy egrets in the least amount of time. I'd make sure to have an electric guitar and a decent bed room amp because that old acoustic guitar in the corner isn't what this is about.

What's nice about this is the first section: Essential Scales for Soloing which is a quick fresh up on the subject of guitar soloing and where to start including positions. Gm pentatonic is exemplified first with our forefinger at the third position or 3d fret. Here is where you are glad to have already learned about the C-A-G-E-D guitar shapes and how to play them up the neck. E and A barred in particular.

Basically the scales and sequences and things you will be shown here are referencing these scale shapes as a skeleton upon which to lay the solos. So its necessary to have muscle memory of those chord shapes and arpeggios and only through some few hundreds of hours of practice will that happen. Like every day for an hour for a year.

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Role Models

“All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff.”
― Frank Zappa