Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Techniques ~ Jamie Humphries Page One

 back coverThis '2 disc set' Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar lesson is a Licklibrary production taught by Jamie Humphries. You'll never get a pamphlet from Licklibrary. I timed this one and they are correct when they say its over 3 hours long. That's lesson time.

Still each disc repeats the performances and sales marketing material which they never leave out. They tell you can download jam tracks! But don't tell you, you have to buy them first.

This particular guitar lesson isn't perfect by any means but is just slightly easier than the 2 Greg Koch SRV lessons I also review Best of SRV and Hits of SRV. In fairness, we don't get a pamphlet with Greg's Hal Leonard Signature Licks series lessons either.

A pamphlet is only going to do you so much good anyway.

Most of the songs are 12 bar blues with three chords and I would not call them a suitable starting point for unbloodied axe murderers. Reason being, over those three chords you need to apply your pentatonic and blues scales and to do that with any credibility its a big help to know them inside out all up and down the neck. Or at least in one or two positions and keys. C and E and A perhaps.

Its also a bit easier in the sense that its the whole song Jamie is teaching us. Rather than just 'substantial Stevie-isms' of the highlights as Greg does. The missing parts of the songs are made accessible this way. Jamie barely mention counting time for a shuffle rhythm, leaving you with more questions. Still he does mention the rhythm. Jamie is a real good guitar player. How good a guitar teacher he is, is debatable. Or how good Licklibrary allows him to be.

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