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front cover IN Deep with Jeff Beck is the tittle of section one of this guitar lesson and its 25:26 in length. In all we don't quite reach 40 minutes in total guitar lesson time.

Our instructor, Andy Aledort has a Jeff Beck signature Fender Stratocaster. It has a higher bridge enabling one to pull up as well as down on the whammy bar or tremelo arm.

Thus far no amp setting are given. Andy says Jeff's arm tension is medium loose or 'floating' using three springs in back and not more. (Hendrix had more so did SRV).

Andy runs us through all kinds of amazing Jeff Beckisms using the arm. Dive bombing being the least of them. But he still wont tell us the settings for his tone.

He explains to us Jeff's trademark feats of legerdemain tremelo picking. With his thumb and forefinger technique using the volume swells and a lot more. There is a heck of a lot of little finger of your right hand activity on the volume knob vs using the arm. Andy shows us some superlative harmonic movements too. The slide way up above the pickups is another really unique technique Andy plays ala Jeff. Then its C Lydian in the tune 'Scatter Brained' off the Blow by Blow release which is a great but difficult song.

Next from Andy its a 12 minute long guitar lesson focused on Jeff Becks version of 'Sleep Walk' from his In Honor of Les Paul release but it was written by Santo & Johnny Farina. Its wicked pretty and a great tune. Brian Setzer performs it too on his guitar DVD but doesn't teach it like we get here.

Here the tremelo arm always stays under Jeff's fingers as it should with us - we will need a disciplined comfortable position for our right hand and a degree of control many, including yours truly, would like to develop. The whole melody of this song has subtle changes  and reiterations of the same few phrases and is quite involved. The good news is that there are 2 .PDF files on the disc.

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