Beginning Guitar Soloing (or Playing Lead) - Gilbert and Marlis Page One

A Contemporary Guide to Improvisation

This is exactly what you need to get started learning what it means to play melody or lead guitar. It aptly starts at the very beginning with the half step chromatic scale and shows you various mechanical ways you can play those half step movements to warm up an get your fingers used to moving around the fret board. This is perfect for a beginner.

This guitar lesson then quickly moves to musical concepts and an analysis of the C-A-G-E-D system and how the pentatonic scale works with those basic fret board shapes.

This Guitar lesson includes an excellent pamphlet with tab, chord and note diagrams so you can understand plainly what they are exemplifying. I recommend this approach in a big way! A refreshing change enabling you to get started right there and then!!!

Each of the C-A-G-E-D Chords is built on notes explained and shown to us with each its very own minor pentatonic scale note chart and tab to make it easy! Thank you!!! Next we move on to the natural minor scale or the Aeolian mode by adding the 2nd and flat 6 to the minor pentatonic. Or putting it back into the major scale because that gives you a 7 note scale with a flatted third or a minor third. A minor scale has a flatted third. Anyway if you do enough of these exercises your fingers will know and your ear will guide them and you wont give a hoot for all the technical details - you will be busy having fun hopefully. Once I started to practice with a routine I saw results. I couldn't believe it really. Consistence and the long view will get you farther faster. This is where to start! Page Two

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