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Chop Builder for guitar This electric guitar rock-shred metal entry from the Berklee College of Music is pretty good. Total novices need this and also need to be willing to take theory time and do it right to get up to speed.

A lot of drills that will pay off hugely. Owning and operating your guitar with this may require a licence in some states. Remember ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

One thing to be aware of is that your instructors guitar is in slack tuning which they don't even mention in the lesson.

Slack tuning is tuning the guitar down a half step like many players do. Jimi did it and so do lots of folks like SRV. But if you there at home and only have one guitar then you have to tune it down a half step if you want to play along with this.

That's always fun as the guitar strings want to go back to where they were. Finally you get another guitar to leave in slack tuning which is far more decadent and convenient. That way when you want to play along to a tune and the band is in a different tuning (which is often slack tuning) you can do it without that awkward half step transposition.

Your instructor Joe Stump is a guitar teacher at Berklee College of music in Boston. Once you sort out the tuning its a flat pick environment and I confess that I religiously do a lot of the exercises in here every day but now I do them in regular tuning like it matters as long as I am not playing along with Professor Stump.

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