Jump Blues Guitar Method & Soloing - Mathieu Brandt Page One

This Jump Blues guitar set of 2 lesson discs in one case is an illuminating one and should give a big boost to your understanding of the pentatonic and Mixolydian scales and a whole lot more.

Jump Blues is mostly 'up tempo' @180-200 bps but for our convenience he teaches us at medium tempo. Jump Blues is Jazz really.
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If you already have a good idea of your major scale and your minor pentatonic scales in particular you can easily cotton to the next mode, the Mixolydian mode/scale. Its one measly note different than the major scale. Additionally It would be helpful if you could already play open 7th chords and barred 7th chords as you will be working up the neck as well as near the headstock.

Both lessons together are over 3 hours long in total, and so riveting, that I just sat back a few times and watched them and am still trying to assimilate what he is saying. I highly recommend them depending on your due consideration as to your own requirements. There will be studying!

Obviously if you are reading this, the odds are you want to know if its something you should buy? Only if you are willing to study it. I mean its definite work if you want to take it any where. Worth it If you are looking to be more than just a weekend guitarist. My current musical situation is that I am just about seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and getting a handle on some fret boards moves and concepts and in various keys and fret board positions. I need more study because I still don't know what I am doing as much as I think I should and am playing instinctually. Am I playing the guitar or is the guitar playing me?

Mr. Matthieu Brandt is Dutch but speaks English better than some American friends of mine and I am one myself. So his English is NOT a problem. In fact, his lack of inflection and similar lack of regional accent, would be easier for foreigners to understand, rather than if he was from the Bronx or Medford, Ma. or even Hyannis Port. "Its not what your guitar can do for you, its what you can do with your guitar!"

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