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Recommended! Our intrepid string theorist and musical educator Paul Pigat starts off by telling us that the Rockabilly style guitar lesson we are about to see is modular and that we can start right in where ever we please. I decided to do just that.

In the menu there is quite an extensive choice. My first menu selection is titled the ES-350 Guitar because I am hoping to see if he explains his tone settings and he sorta does.

As a general rule you want between one and three slap backs returned from your echoplex or digital delay. Reverb & tremelo can add sonority as well.

Paul is playing a great semi-acoustic arch top guitar and it look like he altered the bridge from a floating to a stop tail. This valuable guitar is a vintage 1949 Gibson ES-350 with .11 gauge strings and a non-stock Bigsby tremelo arm. (Jazz great Tal Farlow also played this model guitar). Its on the back cover of the lesson case. It has two P-90 single coil pickups. P-90's are great for heavy rock, try them. Think Neil Young.

His amp is a late '60's Ampeg tube amp, its unencumbered by stylish design but sounds good! And he also use a Boss DM-2 digital, not analog delay pedal to get that slap back Rockabilly sound. Sounds good to me! Paul additionally chains a Boss CS-2 compressor and boss blues driver for those quieter moments when you want the effects but not the volume. Other pundits in the genre recommend plenty of Reverb and some tremelo too. There is no pamphlet but there is Tab if you go to the learn roots music site. I did and I couldn't find it. Lesson Running Time @67 minutes. These are all 12 bar songs and thus one - four - five in music speak. More ...

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