Classic Surf Guitar Vol. 1 - Dan Warner Page One

I recommend this Surf style Vol. 1 Guitar lesson. Even though they are "surf" style tunes they have a lot of rockabilly feel and riffs to them too and its well worth it for that alone. Surfabilly.

These songs are all instrumental except Tequila which has one word to it. Tequila.

Personally I am familiar with these 4 numbers but you may not be. In my opinion you need to have these compositions in you repertoire.

The tunes themselves are not difficult but you do need to hone your tremolo picking skills to pull them off properly.

Quentin Tarantino resurrected Dick Dales' Miserlou in the movie Pulp Fiction. Pee Wee Herman resurrected Tequila in Pee Wee's Big Adventure and the other two are perineal hits especially Penetration and all have classic Rockabilly and surf touches. Finally you can't get much more surf oriented than Pipeline and its way cool guitar riffs and melody.

The camera work on this one is mostly decent. There are a couple of moments however where the camera is in too tight so you have to check to see what fret he is on or not showing both hands.

Its also complicated by the fact that the lesson is taught with the instructor standing up and mostly that's not a problem but there are a couple of instances of him moving a little more than needed. All in all the camera work is not an issue in this guitar lesson but it is in quite a few other over directed guitar lesson productions.

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